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HIGHLIGHTS JARRELL ISD The district is seeking applicants to volunteer to represent Place 4 on its board of trustees, according to a release from the district. The seat was previously held by Kenneth Leverett, who resigned in December due to health concerns, according to a district spokesperson. Interested individuals must live within District 4, which runs across the Sun City area, and should contact JISD Superintendant Toni Hicks at 512-746-2426 or via email at GEORGETOWN ISD After it implemented a voluntary virtual learning program for all students in November, 50 students in kindergarten through eighth grade enrolled despite 700 expressing interest in the program the previous month. There were also 15 enrollees at the district’s alternative high school, Richarte. As of Jan. 19, 27 students remained in the virtual program, and the district no longer tracks enrollment from Richarte. According to a GISD spokesperson, the district will continue the program for the extent of the 2021-22 school year. Georgetown ISD board of trustees Next meets 7 p.m. Feb. 28 Hammerlun Center, 507 E. University Ave.,Georgetown 512-943-5000 MEETINGSWE COVER NUMBER TOKNOW Georgetown ISD is paying full-time sta $250 and part-time sta $125 as part of a lump sum to provide some relief from job stressors connected to the COVID-19 pandemic. $250

TEAexamines social studies TEKS

THE TEKS PROCESS The Texas Education Agency is starting the ve-year process to update the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for social studies for grades K-12 utilizing State Board of Education guidelines.


of work groups is not set in stone, but for a recent revision of science TEKS, the agency selected roughly 90 work group members. For the social studies revision, sta will look for applicants who have experience in the specic content areas that the TEKS will address, although work group members do not need to be educators. Appli- cations are currently open with an unclear end date. “We try to nd some well-rounded folks who we think would be a bene- t to a work group,” Ramos said. The rst work group, which will focus on personal nance curriculum for high school students, has already been selected. After all areas of the social studies curriculum are reviewed, the next phase of the project is to revise the TEKS during the 2022-23 school year.

TEXAS EDUCATIONAGENCY The state’s process for reviewing social studies learning standards is underway. Roughly 800 people, mostly educators, have applied to join work groups that could shape the new requirements. Social studies Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, or TEKS—state standards for what students should know—are set to change starting in the 2025-26 school year, said Jessica Snyder, Texas Education Agency special projects manager, during a Jan. 13 meeting about the process. TEA sta are sifting through hun- dreds of applications for members of the work groups, which will ulti- mately present suggestions to the state education board this summer, Curriculum Division Director Shelly Ramos said. Ramos said the size and number

Workgroups are formed from a pool of volunteers to review the social studies TEKS. After the review process, the TEKS are revised, and the new standards are adopted by the state. With TEKS revised, instructional materials are reviewed to ensure they are in line with the new standards. After review, the instructional materials are revised, and the new materials are adopted by the board. With new TEKS and instructional materials adopted, the updated curriculum is implemented.


Georgetown ISD to host State of theDistrict address Feb. 25 at theHammerlun Center

GISDapproves pay raise to select sta



of subjects and disciplines as well as showcase a variety of projects

GEORGETOWN ISD The district will host its annual State of the District event Feb. 25 at 10 a.m. at the Hammerlun Center for Leadership and Learning, 507 E. University Ave., Georgetown. In addition to the annual address from Superintendent Fred Brent, the event will also highlight student and sta achievement across the district in an array

GEORGETOWN ISD The district approved a pay raise of $1 an hour to select nonteaching positions at its Jan. 18 meeting. GISD ocials approved the pay increase to reduce the number of resignations brought on by increasing demands due to COVID-19. The roles chosen to receive the pay raise will be those demonstrating the greatest vacancy rates.

and programs funded by the GISD Education Foundation. Tickets for the event are free, but registration is encouraged via Eventbrite.

Georgetown ISD Superintendent Fred Brent

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