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PEOPLE Gage Mueller Solar energy specialist, ADT Solar BY LAURA ROBB

Gage Mueller, a solar energy specialist at ADT Solar, has experience in the solar industry as both a customer and a service provider. After installing solar panels on his own house in 2017, Mueller’s interest in solar grew until he decided to pursue a career in the industry in 2020 with SunPro—now known as ADT Solar, a residential and commercial solar panel company. In 2020, ADT Solar installed panels which produced more than 43,600 kilowatts of solar energy in Texas, according to Solar Power World. Answers have been edited for length and clarity.

Gage Mueller said solar panels can increase a home’s value without increasing property taxes. (George Wiebe/Community Impact Newspaper)

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WHAT QUESTIONS SHOULD PEOPLE ASK WHEN CONSIDERING SOLAR? Homeowners should ask: ‘Do I qualify for the tax credit?’ They should call their [certied public accountant], because the solar sales guy will say, ‘The government will give you 26%.’ But it’s not true—you have to qualify. The other question that I tell people to get answered is: How will this aect your homeowner’s insurance? ... Anything attached to the dwelling is covered by homeowner’s insurance. Your premium may go up—but you need to know that ahead of time to

make an informed decision. Once solar is up, there’s nothing you can do. DOES SOLAR AFFECT APPRAIS ALS AND PROPERTY TAXES? Most of the time, solar increases the value of your house—which is good, but you don’t pay a higher property tax. If your house appraises for $200,000 today and you put $20,000 worth of solar on it, then it appraised for $220,000. Your tax liability is still $200,000—because $20,000 is solar renewable energy and qualies for an exemption. You gain the value in the appraisal, but not in property taxes.

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the national trade association for the solar industry, Texas was ranked number one in the nation for solar panel use in the rst quarter of 2022. SEIA data predicts Texas will lead the nation in growth in the solar industry over the next ve years.

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