Sugar Land - Missouri City Edition | May 2022

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Care for Families from Childbirth and Beyond Another component of women’s overall health is their reproductive care, which may be provided by a primary care physician or a gynecologist, who specializes in reproductive health. Often these physicians also have distinct training in obstetrics to manage pregnancy and childbirth. “Fort Bend is fortunate to have in its backyard the Family Birth Center at Memorial Hermann Sugar Land and skilled obstetricians and pediatricians to care for women and children,” said Kelli Burroughs, MD, an obstetrician and gynecologist who serves as chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Memorial Hermann Sugar Land in addition to her thriving private practice. “We know how important taking care of women during their pregnancy is to mothers, and we also know they want trusted care for their children.” Memorial Hermann Sugar Land offers specialized care for children in its intermediate medical unit and has affiliated pediatric subspecialists who are skilled at caring for children. And with the only dedicated children’s emergency room in Fort Bend County, the hospital is uniquely prepared to care for the youngest members of the community. Additionally, a Child Life specialist aims to make children’s healthcare experience more positive by explaining to themwhat to expect during hospitalization or how to cope with the illness or injury of a family member. Holistic Care for Women “Women are usually thrilled to see their doctor when they are awaiting the birth of their baby but become less enthusiastic as they age and experience what they consider embarrassing problems,” Dr. Burroughs said. “We want women to understand that reproductive health follows their whole life span, and it can be even more important to see a gynecologist regularly before and after their childbearing years.” Teenagers, for example, may seek the care of a gynecologist for management of heavy or painful periods, acne or other female-related concerns. Dr. Burroughs recommends women, 21 years of age and older, make yearly appointments with a gynecologist for a well- woman exam. Like a primary care physician, gynecologists also conduct physical exams, which can reveal abnormalities in the vagina, cervix, uterus, ovaries and pelvic f loor. They also perform regular PAP tests, which are used to check for cervical cancer.

In celebration of May beingWomen’s HealthMonth, Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital reminds all women to make their health a priority and connects women to key services to help them stay healthy all year. “Women tend to care for their families first and often neglect their own health,” said Divya Gupta, MD, a primary care physicianwithMemorial HermannMedical Group Sweetwater. “They may wait until they experience illness or symptoms. At that point, they may have chronic, life-threatening health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes or high cholesterol, and not even know it.” Keeping Up with Your Health To-Dos Dr. Gupta says it’s important for women to visit their primary care doctor at least once a year for an annual physical, along with blood drawn, and to discuss any necessary vaccinations or health screenings, such as mammograms or colonoscopy, that may be recommended for their age or for their personal or family health history. Dr. Gupta says these yearly exams and recommended screenings help identify potential problems early before a disease has progressed and might not be as easy to treat. Dr. Gupta also says these annual appointments help women know important indicators of their health. “Women should know their blood pressure, cholesterol numbers and blood sugar levels so that if any of these change – indicating potential disease progression-- we can address it,” she said. She also uses these yearly visits to answer health questions and educate patients about proper weight, nutrition and exercise, as well as mental and emotional health, to help them take an active role in their own wellbeing. “We would like women to think of their primary doctors as partners who can help them be their healthiest,” Dr. Gupta said.

Divva Gupta, MD Primary Care Physician

Kelli Burroughs, MD Obstetrician & Gynecologist

Nina Dereska, MD, FPMRS Urogynecologist

Melissa Felinski, DO Bariatric Surgeon



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