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To remain eligible for unemployment benefits, claimants must follow certain guidelines. Texas opted out of further federal unemployment payouts beginning June 26. UNEMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENTS Register on Complete the minimum number of work search activities each week. Keep a work search log. Apply for and accept suitable full-time work. RETURNING TOWORK A survey of 506 Americans who became unemployed during the pandemic was conducted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in late May regarding barriers to re-entering the workforce. 49%

30% of respondents said they do not expect to return to work this year. 24% of respondents reported child care and family needs.

13% of respondents said they never plan to return to work. reported COVID-19 concerns as reasons they are not looking for work. 26%

of respondents said they are not actively looking for work. 23% of respondents said they lack the skills or experience necessary for most jobs available.




Perez uses her experience to consult other bars and restaurants. She said she understands workers’ desire to be paid more but that it is not always possible for restaurants, especially coming out of a damaging pandemic. “A lot of people tell [us] to pay more; I get that, but if we pay our staff more hourly, that means we have to account for that in the cost of food and beverages,” she said. “It’s hard to justify paying your staff more, at least right now, when these businesses don’t have the money.” Potential solutions Melissa Stewart, executive director of the Texas Restaurant Association, said hiring and referral bonuses are common when trying to recruit more staff. In the meantime, restaurants have taken many measures to stay afloat, including closing for a few extra days or changing hours of operation. While some are eager to return to the workforce, the challenges of find- ing good child care for single parents is still weighing on families, Stewart said. Employment may resume at a normal rate this fall as schools and day cares open up to give those par- ents a chance to work, she said.

Perez said some of the fix could come from business owners. Traditionally, service industry work- ers have been thought of as “warm bodies”; when one would quit, there would be another 10 waiting to take their place, Perez said. Now, workers want to know what they are doing is valuable to them- selves and others. They want to be praised and compensated for good work, creating a mindset that makes them less likely to leave, Perez said. “Your employees just want to be recognized,” she said. “We’re all human, and by nature we like to be cared about.” Mamacita’s is attempting this by offering gifts and outings to employ- ees, Kuper said. Meanwhile, Stewart encourages restaurateurs to highlight the benefits of working in the industry. “We’re great for somebody who needs that extra little income,” Stew- art said. EmilyJaroszewski,AnnaLotzandHan- nah Zedaker contributed to this report.

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(Shown above is a before and after handwriting sample of a real patient. Individual results may vary.)

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