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FROMDEEDA: My mom always told me to take care of myself because without our health we have nothing. She’s not the rst person to utter that line, but I think of it often as the pandemic presses on. Never in my lifetime have health precautions dominated more everyday activities and conversations than they do today. This month’s issue is our annual Health Care Edition where you can learn not only the latest regarding COVID-19, but also about medical treatment options for a variety of ailments in your neighborhood. Deeda Payton Lovett, GENERALMANAGER

MARKET TEAM GENERAL MANAGER Deeda Payton Lovett, dlovett@communityimpact.com EDITOR Jack Flagler jagler@communityimpact.com REPORTER Christopher Neely GRAPHIC DESIGNER Shelby Savage ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE Gail Watson METRO LEADERSHIP PUBLISHER Travis Baker MANAGING EDITOR Joe Warner

TRANSPORTATIONUPDATES 12 Project Connect clears another hurdle CITY& SCHOOLS 13 The process to redraw council districts

ASSOCIATE MANAGING EDITOR Amy Denney ART PRODUCTIONMANAGER Haley Grace CORPORATE LEADERSHIP PUBLISHERS AND FOUNDERS John and Jennifer Garrett GROUP PUBLISHER Traci Rodriguez CREATIVE DIRECTOR Derek Sullivan SALES DIRECTOR Tess Coverman WHOWE ARE John and Jennifer Garrett began Community Impact Newspaper in 2005 in Pugerville, TX. The company's mission is to build informed citizens and thriving businesses through the collaboration of a passionate team. Today we operate across six metropolitan areas, providing hyperlocal, nonpartisan news produced by our full-time journalists in each community we serve. BECOMEA#COMMUNITYPATRON

FROM JACK: I have to admit something slightly embarrassing: I was really nervous about getting tested for COVID-19. I saw videos on Twitter of public ocials getting the swab stuck up their nose, and I’m generally a baby when it comes to going to the dentist or getting blood drawn. So when I pulled up to the testing site, rolled down my driver’s side window and tilted my head back, I was expecting the worst. The experience was denitely uncomfortable and I didn’t know my nasal passage extended that far, but it was not as bad as I was expecting. You can now be tested at some locations in Austin for free even if you are asymptomatic. If you were in a large crowd—like I was covering recent protests—or if you feel a test is necessary, I would encourage you to go. It’s over in just a few seconds. Jack Flagler, EDITOR




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