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CiboloMayor Stanley Boyle pleads guilty to felony charges, says hewants to finish his termstrong

TRIAL TIMELINE Cibolo Mayor Stanley "Stosh" Boyle was elected

in 2017. His second term will end after November elections. 1998


Byrd, who brought the charges to light, said he believes that Boyle betrayed public trust. “It is my opinion that Mr. Boyle’s recent illegal and selfish behavior has placed Cibolo in a very precarious situation as every decision, every document and every meeting he fraudulently presided over, as an illegitimate mayor, is now in question for validity,” Byrd said. On April 26, City Attorney Frank Garza told council members that with the plea deal, he believes the mayor is still able to serve, and council does not need to take further action. Boyle said the rest of his time will be dedicated to unfinished projects. “There is work that is left undone that I want to see through,” Boyle said. “And we were able to put in place so many key people that were able to move the city forward rather than keep us in the dark.”

in 120 hours of community service. Boyle was first elected in 2017, then re-elected in 2019 despite his trial. The council voted 3-3, enabling him to stay on because there were not the required 5 votes to oust him. “The reason I took the deal is because it would be pretty low impact as for what I have to do, and I get to finish my term,” Boyle said to Community Impact Newspaper. “If I wasn’t able to finish my term, it would be a different story because the citizens voted me in, and I want to honor that.” The 1998 conviction bars him from running for office and requires him to step down as mayor. However, according to the plea deal, Boyle will complete his term until the votes are canvassed following the November election. Boyle said he had not intended to seek another term. Former council member Brian

NOVEMBER 2017 Boyle is elected mayor of Cibolo.

Boyle is convicted of conspiracy to manufacture the illicit drug ecstasy.

Cibolo Mayor Stanley “Stosh” Boyle pleaded guilty April 12 to charges of aggravated perjury and tampering with a government document with intent to defraud. The charges were filed against him in August 2019, arising after Boyle failed to list a felony conviction on his application to run for mayor. Boyle was convicted in 1998 of conspiracy to manufacture the illicit drug ecstasy. According to Texas election code, candidates are required to “have not been finally convicted of a felony from which the person has not been pardoned or otherwise released from the resulting disabilities.” According to Boyle, his plea deal for the case required him to acknowl- edge that his conviction barred him from running for office, and he was to pay a $2,000 fine and participate


2019 AUG. 20, 2019

Boyle is on trial for failing to mention his conviction on his mayor application.

City Council votes 3-3, missing the

NOVEMBER 2019 required 5 votes to ouster Boyle.

Boyle is re- elected.

APRIL 12, 2022 Boyle pleads guilty to two felony charges.

NOVEMBER 2022 Boyle to complete his term as mayor.




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