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2020 Voter Guide



The city of Lakeway will have seven propositions on the Nov. 3 ballot. The propositions will either update outdated rules of the charter or change the charter to be in compliance with state law.

PROPOSITION A: Extension of boundaries

PROPOSITION F: Ocial ballots

PROPOSITION D: Residency requirement for city manager “Shall Section 4.01 be amended to eliminate the requirement that the City Manager reside within the City limits?” WHAT IT MEANS: The Lakeway City Charter currently limits elected ocials to two consecutive three-year terms (see Proposition B). Before the 2014 charter, service was limited to three two-year terms. If approved, the proposition would change the term limit from maximum number of terms to a maximum of six successive years. of six (6) successive years in oce for Mayor or Council and Section 3.09 be amended to exclude partial terms of one year or less from counting towards the limit on successive years of service?” WHAT IT MEANS: If this proposition is approved, the Lakeway City Charter would no longer require the city manager to live in the city limits. However, City Council could still require city residency as part of an employment agreement with a city manager.

“Shall Section 5.02(a) relating to the placing of names of candidates on the ballot be amended to conform to the state law governing the withdrawal or death of a candidate?” WHAT IT MEANS: If this proposition is approved, city candidates’ names will be printed on ballots without a party designation. Candidates who have died or withdrawn from the election shall be removed from the ballot in accordance with state law. The Lakeway City Charter currently does not provide a deadline or a process for removing a candidate’s name after they have withdrawn or died.

“Shall Section 1.03 be amended to make the city’s power to annex new territory into the city conform to the requirements and limits of state law?” WHAT IT MEANS: The Lakeway City Charter is currently in conict with state law with regard to the methods of annexation. Under state law, cities may annex only after a petition by aected landowners or an election in the aected area. If approved, the proposition would strike the dierent methods for annexation from the charter and instead state that the city will follow state law with regard to annexation.

PROPOSITION G: Authorizing bonds

PROPOSITION B: Two-year terms

“Shall Section 8.09(b) be amended by deleting the reference to Certicates of Obligation to conform to state law in the rst sentence, and adding a new sentence to Section 8.09(b) mandating that Certicates of Obligation may only be issued upon the armative vote of two-thirds of all members of the Council members?” WHAT IT MEANS: The Lakeway City Charter currently requires voter approval for a variety of debt options the city may pursue, including certicates of obligation. However, state law dictates that a city may issue certicates of obligation without voter approval. If approved, this proposition would strike the invalid voter approval requirement for certicates of obligation from the city charter. Instead, the charter would require that certicates of obligation be approved by a supermajority, or two-thirds of council members, for it to pass.

PROPOSITION C: Limit on successive years of service “Shall Section 3.01(c) be amended to permit a maximum “Shall Section 3.01(a) be amended to return to two- year terms of oce for council members and mayor to comply with the Texas Constitution?” WHAT IT MEANS: The Lakeway City Charter is in conict with state law with regard to how a candidate is elected. In 2014, a charter amendment extended city terms from two to three years. The charter states that persons elected must receive the most votes of any candidate, not the majority of total votes. However, the Texas Constitution states that mayors or council members elected to terms longer than two years must be elected by a majority of total votes. If approved, the proposition would amend the charter provision regarding terms of oce and revert the standard to two-year terms of oce. Candidates would continue to be elected by receiving the most votes of any candidate.

PROPOSITION E: Oce of treasurer

“Shall Section 4.06 be deleted, thereby eliminating the volunteer oce of City Treasurer, and other Charter provisions be amended as necessary to remove references to the City Treasurer?” WHAT IT MEANS: If this proposition is approved, all city treasurer references would be deleted from the Lakeway City Charter. The duties of the city treasurer, a volunteer position, would be shifted to the city’s nance department.

A more detailed explanation of all the propositions is oered on the city’s website:

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