San Marcos - Buda - Kyle Edition | March 2020


Some of Lala’s most popular treats, according to the Chabarrias, include the following:

CORN IN A CUP Corn is served with cotija cheese, mayo and topped o with lime. (8 oz. $3)


The homestyle burger comes with lettuce, pickles, mustard, mayo and onion with the option to add jalapenos, bacon, avocado and more. ($5 with extras at an additional cost)


This frozen treat includes mango, chamoy and various candy. ($5.25)


DIVING INTO THE MENU Starting with only snow cones, Lala's has added a variety of items to its menu including authentic Mexican treats, oats and more.

Local shop oers a variety of Mexican treats along with homestyle burgers in downtown Kyle S itting at the heart of down- town Kyle is Lala’s, a locally owned treat shop that serves Some of Lala’s most popular treats include mangonadas, snow cones and corn in a cup, according to Edward. He also said the shop is unique to downtown Kyle because it oers food BY EVELIN GARCIA


• Bubble gum • Cherry • Coconut • Grape • Lime • Mango • Duros • Mango spin • Mangonada • Nachos TREATS:

• Pickle juice • Pina colada • Pineapple • Raspberry • Strawberry • Watermelon

authentic Mexican treats along with dierent Mexican dishes oered on select days of the week. Co-owners Laura and Edward Chabarria said their shop started o serving just snow cones but quickly made additions that included burg- ers, fries and sandwiches. “A lot of the parents wanted some- thing to eat while kids ate their [snow cones]...” Edward said, thinking on when he decided to add additional items to their menu. Originally, Lala’s was intended as a storefront for the Chabarrias’ catering business, but they decided to open a treat shop instead after discovering the kitchen was too small for catering. Lala’s, named after Laura’s nickname, has expanded its menu to also include seafood on Fridays— some food items include shrimp and crab legs.

that is not common in the area. “We do it for fun,” Edward said. “We keep it cheap so they can have fun and eat.” The shop also oers pop-up Mexican dishes, or items that are only available on certain days. Made with fresh ingredients, customers can expect great Mexican comfort dishes any day of the week, Edward said. In the past, pop-up dishes have included pozole, albondigas and tacos de birria. Customers can learn about the day’s dishes through the shop’s Facebook page. Both Laura and Edward said Lala’s is more of a hobby to them than a business. They have fun doing it and want customers to do the same when they visit. “We’ve been cooking our whole life, and we’ll continue to do it,” Edward said.

• Coke oat • Big Red oat • Root beer oat



Lala's 108 S. Front St., Kyle 512-262-0126 Hours: Mon.-Fri. 11 a.m.-7 p.m., closed Sat.-Sun.

The Chabarrias started Lala's in 2019.



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