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PATHWAY FOR HEALTHPROGRAMS Richardson ISD oers a Health Science pathway, in which students can earn college credit, as well as potential health care certications.



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Investigation Healthcare Careers 7TH GRADE


Certications and awards

Dual credit

Medical Terminology (High School Credit) 8TH GRADE

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Anatomy and Physiology

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Project Based Research-Career Cluster Development

Principles of Health Science 9TH GRADE

Combine and get in on the surprise.

Health Science Theory 10TH GRADE

Math for Medical Professionals

CPR rst aid at health care provider level

Medical Microbiology

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Practicum in Health Science I 11TH GRADE

World Health Research


Electrocardiograph technician

caused some existing nurses to suf- fer from burnout or get sick them- selves with COVID-19. Texas faces the second worst nursing short- age in the country and ranks 51st nationally in health care access and aordability, according to a June 9 statement from more than a dozen nursing groups in Texas. “For most of my career, we’ve been in a nursing shortage, unfor- tunately,” said Sawyer-McGee, who is also a nurse practitioner. “We need schools to really get involved in educating the future nurses that we may have.” Britt Berrett, who is director of the bachelor’s degree program in health care management at UT Dallas’ Naveen Jindal School of Management, estimated COVID-19 has delayed the pipeline of future health care workers by 15-18 months. But that gap can be overcome, said Berrett, who has already seen an uptick in nursing students training in hospitals and clinics. “[The pandemic] has actually ele- vated the awareness of the impor- tance of caregivers,” he said. “I’m working with students who want to do good. ... I think that this is a cat- alyst for new entry into the health care space.”

Phlebotomy technician

Practicum in Health Science II 12TH GRADE

Pharmacy technician

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Health Professions Readiness

Patient care technician UPON GRADUATION

he said. “By being able to expose people to health care [through] programs that we have set up with [local school dis- tricts], we think that people will have a much stronger view of what health care is,” Hutchenrider said. “We’ll be able to work through this, but there will be a temporary dip.” Nnoromele said the realities of the pandemic solidied his desire to help people. As a certied emergency med- ical technician, he worked as a Dallas Medical Reserve Corps COVID-19 vac- cinator at UT Dallas. Nnoromele said he would see people’s faces light up once they got the vaccine. Sawyer-McGee said the pandemic

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