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Funtastik Labs Katy summer camp lets young minds explore STEAM subjects R oli Sangol and Raj Gupta founded Fun tastik Labs in 2017 and opened the rst location in Katy in early 2019. Gupta said he and Sangol fashioned the Funtas- tik Labs program after their two kids, who loved to explore and take on projects in every room of their Katy home, where they have lived since 2015. Funtastik Labs hosts kids ages 3-12 for birthday parties and eld trip. The business also hosts weeklong, half-day structured camps for kids ages 5-12 with attractions like a science lab, a slime bar, an art lab and robotics. “It would get messy when paint would be involved, dierent liquids to make slime, and even when it was blocks or [LEGO]—there would be lots of pieces that would eventually make their way into the carpet, and we would be picking them out one by one,” he said. “But at the same time, we really didn’t want to discourage it.” Gupta said the couple had the idea to open a space to reduce the mess and keep kids safe but still encourage their creativity and welcome other parents to take advantage of their supplies. Funtastik Labs’ programs are very detailed, Gupta said, which allows kids to get more invested in their interests and adds greater value for parents by keeping them longer than just a couple of hours, he said. This summer, Funtastik Labs is oering 18 dierent themed camps, including Junior CSI Detectives, Slime Wars, Robotics Champions and Picasso’s Apprentice, which explore science, technology, engineering, arts and math. “Like Future Doctors camp,” Gupta said. “Where all week long, they focus on medical sciences: from how to use a stethoscope to the structure of DNA; learning what viruses look like; and building models of blood, lungs and the heart. These are not little arts and crafts projects; the kids gain a deeper understanding of STEAM here.”

From left: Founders Roli Sangol and Raj Gupta got the idea for Funtastik Labs from the wacky but explorative projects their kids did around the house. (Photos courtesy Funtastik Labs)


Many of the 18 camps explore science, technology, engineering, arts and math in creative ways.

Curious Compounds

Campers get lab coats, goggles, beakers and test tubes to learn how to form chemical compounds and understand how the elements interact.

The Art-Rageous themed camp gets campers creative as they paint and make 3D canvases.

Mission to Mars

Combining science, engineering and art, kids design, build and launch rockets, create “alien” slime, explore the cosmos and chart a journey to planets.

Funtastik Labs 615 S. Mason Road, Katy 281-819-6363 www.funtastiklabs.com/summer-camps

Future Doctors Camp

Interested in the medical sciences? This camp lets kids build the structure of DNA, learn what viruses look like, and build models of the heart and lungs.

Hours: 9 a.m.-noon (morning camps), 1 p.m.-4 p.m. (afternoon camps), 9 a.m.-4 p.m. (full-day camps) Dates: Mon.-Fri. from May 31-Aug. 12



For kids who love to work with their hands, this camp leads them through building 3D-printed structures, motorized cars and a portable basketball game.

Camp Funtastik!

A combination of Funtastik Labs’ most popular attractions, campers will make colorful bath bombs, use slime for lava lamps and create ceramic designs.


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