Central Austin Edition | April 2020

THE FIRST 1,000 CORONAVIRUS CASES The rst coronavirus case in Austin and Travis County was conrmed on March 13, a week after the cancellation of SXSW. It took 16 days for the number of conrmed cases to reach 200. From there, the infection rate quickened. In less than three weeks from March 29 to April 16, conrmed cases grew from 200 to 1,000.

1,000th case: April 16


800th case: April 13

600th case: April 9

400th case: April 3

200th case: March 29

First case: March 13


Animal adoption, foster numbers up as Austin community comes together to support shelters BY NICHOLAS CICALE

AUSTIN PETS ALIVE From March 29-April 5: • 132 dogs were adopted • 115 cats were adopted • Dog adoptions were up 200% and cat adoptions

working from home for the fore- seeable future due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, thousands reached out to local animal shelters to either adopt a pet or sign up as a future foster owner. “We have managed to move the majority of our pets into foster homes so that there is less of a bur- den on our reduced staff and volun- teers at our shelters,” Austin Pets Alive spokesperson Katera Berent said.

during the facility’s limited oper- ations. The initial goal, accord- ing to AAC spokesperson Jennifer Olohan, was to place 200 pets into foster homes. Within a week and a half, Olohan said, the animal center placed more than 300 animals. As Travis County residents were urged to begin staying indoors and

Once Austin’s stay-at-home order was put into place in mid-March, the Austin Animal Center closed to the public and stopped intake of new animals. The center reached out to the community, looking for individu- als interested in fostering animals

were up 109%* • The Town Lake dog kennel is currently 35% full and the cat kennel 10% full


What Austin renters need to knowamid the economic fallout of the COVID19pandemic

HOW RENTERS CAN FIND HELP If you can pay your rent, pay your rent. If you can’t pay your rent: • talk to your landlord and work out a payment plan; • city law allows you 60 days to pay rent after a missed payment before an eviction can be led. • new mayoral order prohibits landlords from locking you out or seizing your property. • Call 2-1-1 for information on city's RISE program that can assist with rent payments.


payments, rent-deferral options and late fee waivers. For tenants whose landlords are not exible, local leaders have passed a law that requires local landlords give tenants 60 days to pay missed rent before they can begin eviction pro- ceedings. The law covers missed rent up to May 8. Austin Mayor Steve Adler also signed a mayoral order March 26 that forbids landlords from issuing tenants a notice to vacate, locking tenants out of their units, and remov- ing or seizing tenants’ property for missed payment.

Rent is due May 1 for many Austini- tes, and while there is no public for- giveness program, there are resources available to those struggling. Fred Fuchs, an attorney with Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid, said those who can pay rent should. For those who cannot pay rent, advocates from Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid, Building and Strengthening Tenant Action, or BASTA, and the Aus- tin Apartments Association say rent- ers should immediately reach out to their landlords to discuss incremental

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