Conroe - Montgomery Edition | June 2020




More than 100 protesters gathered in downtown Conroe to mourn the death of George Floyd. (Photos by Andy Li/Community Impact Newspaper)

With chants and signs, Montgomery County residents gathered May 31 in downtown Conroe to peacefully demonstrate following the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in Minneapolis police custody May 25 after a white ocer knelt on his neck. More than 100 residents gathered along West Davis Street holding signs that protested racism and police brutality. Many of the protesters wore face masks. At 4 p.m., police blocked the street to trac and escorted the protesters to North Thompson Street, where they knelt for close to nine minutes. Organizer LaDon Johnson said the diverse participants in the protests wanted to come together to create change in the community. “We’re not here to destroy our property or destroy our community. We just overcame coronavirus by our businesses being shut down,” LaDon Johnson said. “Destroying our property, going and vandalizing things is not the way. Coming together as a unit, making sure our community is stronger, that’s all we can do.” LaDon Johnson said he believed interactions with the Conroe Police Department had gone well and the other ocers present “understand we come and want to keep it peaceful.” Sgt. Kevin Johnson said the Conroe protest, which drew more than 100 people into downtown Conroe, was “wonderful” and praised organizers LaDon Johnson and Chris Easley for coordinating with CPD. “We met in person to make sure we had everything before that happened, planned it out. They knew what we were going to do; we knew what they were going to do,” Kevin Johnson said.

A protester stands at the corner of West Davis Street with a sign that says “My daddy matters.”

Protesters peacefully gathered in downtown Conroe on May 31.

A child hands out face masks to protesters in downtown Conroe.

A man holds the hand of his daughter while holding a sign that says, “I can’t breathe,” referencing words Floyd spoke.



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