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Students would begin the school year with 100% remote instruction. All campuses would remain closed. Students could return later in the year. Schools remain closed; 100% remote

Schools open part-time with social distancing Students split instructional time between on-campus learning and

remote learning from home. 2 OPTION

On June 18, Leander ISD will continue discussion of four instruction models that may be used for the 2020-21 school year. LISD will likely make a decision in July and base the decision on the status of the coronavirus pandemic, according to LISD ocials. WHATWILL LEARNING LOOK LIKE INAUGUST?


TYPES OF LEARNING REMOTE LEARNING : The student and instructor, or source of instruction, are

It is best to keep our kids home. It’s denitely a hard question to answer now for the future. Who knows what the world will be doing then [when school opens]? Keep your kids home and safe is my vote. "

separated by time and distance and are not in a traditional classroom setting. BLENDED LEARNING : Students learn in both in-person and in remote settings.

We should be giving teachers extra opportunities to work together over the summer so they can start the school year feeling condent and strong. ... "

Christina Dominguez, Leander ISD parent

Trustee Grace Barber-Jordan

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now for the future,” she said. “Who knows what the world will be doing then [when school opens]? Keep your kids home and safe is my vote.” District ocials said those concerns will be addressed when more detail on the four options is introduced at future board meetings. “We want families to feel comfort- able coming to school. [There may be] factors that make families uncomfort- able,” Padavil said. LISD ocials admit making all stu- dents and sta attend school while maintaining social distancing may not be possible. “We’re in the process of measuring square footage at all schools and fac- toring in 6 square feet per student,” said Jimmy Disler, LISD chief facilities and operations ocer. “We’re trying to build this database of all the square feet of our buildings … to get to know what our capacity would be.” Longer school year being studied LISD is also considering lengthening the school year by adding time to the fall, holiday and spring breaks. If stu- dents are attending school, even on a part-time basis, the extra time could be shifted to a two- to three-week window to address a new quarantine caused by a coronavirus are-up, o- cials said. In a calendar plan introduced by the Texas Education Agency in May, the school year would end in late June instead of late May, and the length of fall, holiday and spring breaks would

school year, according to Gearing. At the May 14 online meeting, trustee Grace Barber-Jordan sug- gested remote instruction training for teachers over the summer. “We should be giving teachers extra opportunities to work together over the summer so they can start the school year feeling condent and strong” instead of in the spring, when time did not allow sucient training, One of the four instructional options LISD is researching reopens all 44 LISD campuses with social distancing and gives families the option of continuing remote learning if they are uncomfortable with their child receiving in-person classroom instruction. Trustee Aaron Johnson said district sta may also be uncomfortable with returning to the workplace. “[Leander ISD] employees may fall into dierent risk categories [for coro- navirus] and have dierent comfort levels,” Johnson said at the May 14 trustees meeting. Citing recent social unrest related to the May 25 killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the coronavirus, Christina Dominguez, whose son Tyler will be a seventh grader at the new Danielson Middle School, said the district should start the school year with 100% remote learning. Barber-Jordan said. In-person learning “It’s best to keep our kids home. It’s denitely a hard question to answer

16-20—but the burgeoning pandemic prompted LISD ocials to add two weeks to spring break. LISD sta began working remotely April 6 and a day later began distrib- uting 6,000 Chromebooks to elemen- tary students. With little preparation, teachers and students adapted to 100% remote learning, LISD ocials said. Despite having only a few weeks to prepare for remote instruction, the majority of LISD students, par- ents and teachers were satised with its implementation, according to a LISD-sponsored remote learning sur- vey that had 11,149 respondents. Sarah Martinez, LISD’s director of research and evaluation, said at the May 21 trustees meeting that 90% of teachers, 66% of students and 75% of parents surveyed were either satised or very satised with remote learning. LISD ocials say remote learning is probably here to stay, even at the elementary level where it was intro- duced in the spring. Students in mid- dle and high school have used remote learning for years, according to LISD. Each of the four instruction options factors in some form of remote learning. Even if schools reopen, a sudden outbreak could cause a two- to three-week quar- antine—or longer—during the next


Leander ISD is researching four instructionmodels—meant to address best- and worst-case coronavirus sce- narios—for the 2020-21 school year. At their next meeting, trustees plan to discuss, and possibly narrow, the four options. “By June 18, we’ll be starting to lay out what scenarios” are viable, LISD Superintendent Bruce Gearing said. From traditional learning to remote learning to hybrids of the two, the teaching model, or models, the trust- ees choose for the next school year will be based on the prevalence of coronavirus in the 198-square-mile district and across the state, accord- ing to LISD ocials. “All of these options are on the table,” said Devin Padavil, one of three LISD area superintendents who manage the district’s 44 schools. Padavil said sta is researching each of the four options—and LISD employ- ees, students and families will be able to participate in the decision making. Trustees planned to discuss the mat- ter further at their June 11 meeting, which occurred after this edition went to press. Limited time to prepare LISD’s spring break was March



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